Marine park and glaciers sea kayak mothership mode 1 day 2 nights

Trip Description

Sail on your sea kayaks next to the whales, scrolling between fjords and glaciers of Chilean Patagonia in the mythical Magellan strait. This is an adventure trip for nature lovers with the additional comfort and safety of the support provided by the “mothership”.


Kayak with whales between fjords and glaciers, mothership mode program is an adventure trip in which you sail to Francisco Coloane Marine Park in the Strait of Magellan. In this trip you will get to interact with humpback.


Some highlights in the general route of this trip



Punta Arenas - Cape Froward - Francisco Coloane Marine Park - El Aguila bay - San Isidro Lighthouse - Punta Arenas

who is this trip designed for?

The trip is designed for true nature and adventure lovers, active people who are willing to experience  nature, under Patagonian conditions, who also like good service and comfort in the mothership and  enjoy sharing with other adventurers a good wine, a good experiences and nice adventures. No need to be skilled in the techniques of sea kayaking, but willing to learn, to follow instructions from our expert guides and leaders ,who will help and assist you at all times becoming a full expedition team.

This trip mix adventure and direct contact with nature, with the comfort and security that provides a Mothership or support vessel. It is a soft-adventure, but it goes a little further ... every place we  will visit have points of interest; either historical, geographical, in flora & wildlife; - such as the humpback whale that returns to these channels to feed each year, traveling between Ecuador and sub-Antarctic waters-, scientifically , cultural, typical food, history and legacy of the nomad cultures of  native sailors ;who now we imitate to explore its domains in fragile boats, as by kayak in the same way as they did only accompanied by wildlife in these waters, like; penguins, black-browed albatross, elephant seals, sea lions, petrels and cormorants, also with whales and dolphins. 

Kayak Agua Fresca organized this expedition, in partnership with another company using a Support vessel to carry on this trip best know as Mothership. 

After sailing through the continent the boat will brings us to Francisco Coloane Marine Park created  for protection, conservation and research of biodiversity , specially the Humpback Whale . We  will explore the main points of marine fauna and most beautiful places of the park. 




Night 1 Marine Park

16:00 Pickup of passengers from hotel or agreed place.

18:00 Departure from Punta Carrera, we navigate through                Magellan Strait, starting by  Punta Santa Ana were the            first settlement took place, with Mount Tarn on the                  background (Charles Darwin described it in his famous            book “The voyage of the Beagle”), passing by San Isidro          Lighthouse, one of the first lighthouses in the Magellan            Strait.

19:00 Welcome meeting aboard, staff introduction and show              the passengers all the boat facilities.

20:00 Meeting about the trip and opportunity to have an                  explanation of the activities for the next day.

                                                                                                    20:30 Dinner (Consisting of a starter, main course, dessert and                                                                                                              drinks)


*Guide talk: Magellan Strait, cape Froward and Francisco Coloane Marine Park.

Day 1:  Shag Pass – Helado Glacier

06:30 American Breakfast

08:00 Passengers presentation on deck in order to disembark            on the zodiac boats on the beach.

08:30 Paddling and safety instructions on the beach.

09:00 Paddling start at Shag Pass (wildlife route); soft paddling          around this area spending time searching for whales and          wild life. 

12:30 Return to the mothership from the beach on board the            Zodiac boats.

13:00 Lunch time (Consisting of a starter, main course, dessert          and drinks)

15:00 Arrive to Helado Glacier

                                                                                                    15:30 Show up time for passengers on deck in order to                                                                                                                        disembark on the zodiac boats on the beach.

                                                                                                    16:00 Navigate between the icebergs (Zodiac boat onboard)

                                                                                                    18:00 Return to the Mothership – Sailing to Carrera Bay

                                                                                                    19:30 Gathering at the end of the day for a cocktail and a                                                                                                                    drink, opportunity to have an explanation of the                                                                                                                          activities for the next day.

                                                                                                    20:00 Dinner and trip closing ceremony (Consisting of a                                                                                                                        starter, main course, dessert and drinks)


*Guide talk: Kaweskar Route -San Isidro Cape (El Águila bay and Lighthouse).

Day 2: Carrera Bay

08:00 American Breakfast

09:30 Disembark and then bus transfer  to  the hotel in Punta Arenas.


11:00 Arrival at accommodations in Punta Arenas.


Transport: Transfer from Punta Arenas to shipping port, shipping of all the sections mentioned in the description.

Mothership: Travel Assistance Insurance, accommodation on board in shared base (double and quadruple)

Food: Meals, snacks, cocktails, hot and cold drinks. (The basis of food are national products in traditional recipes)

Kayak: Tandem double kayak, semi dry clothes kokatat, guided by experts, safety and technical talks, interpretative and observation of wildlife paddling sessions.


Gifts: t-shirt.

Departure Dates: April 2018  16th;  18th;  20th.