Full day Kayak + Horseback ride at Agua Fresca Bay

Kayak and Horseback riding at Agua Fresca bay, is a full day activity, during the morning we starts with half day paddling at Agua Fresca bay, 27 kilometers south of Punta Arenas, beach, mountains and some forest at the shore give a natural environment, here is good chances to see wild life, sea birds, sea lions and dolphins, supported by the large kelp forest in this place. In general the tour starts at a small shallow river, after you practice in this place we move to the Magellan Strait waters and paddle for about 2 hours. After lunch, we take the horses for a ride, which last between 1,5 and 2 hours, in an environment that includes steppe and beech forest at the side of the Magellan Strait, with a very good view of this and Fire Land.

The duration of this excursion is between 6 or 7 hours in total.


The tour includes full kayak equipment (semi dry two pieces kokatat suits that you wear over your own cloth, we recommend to bring extra cloth to change any way), bilingual guide only at the kayak tour, transport,  lunch  at the Agua Fresca Inn.

Not minimum passangers required, maximum 12 persons per group.

We will need your personal information:

_Complete name

_Passport number 

_Date of birth




_Shoe size 

_Important medical condition


_Food restrictions

_Accommodation address 

_WhatsApp contact number


This information is useful to check your gear and your book



Price: $300 USD per person